Learn English Speaking Through One On One Class


Learn and practice speaking English with a personal trainer. Increase your confidence, accuracy, fluency and efficacy. Stand out in the modern workplace with this intensive modular course designed to improve your English language and business skills.

You can also learn communication skills and basic interview etiquette to increase your chances of getting selected in the interview.

Enroll for your personalized and customized English speaking course today!

Duration: 6 months

The Most Convenient Way to Boost Your Confidence And Communication Skill to Join our Spoken English Course.

Certificate Course in Spoken English

What you’ll learn?

  1. You will learn to present yourself with confidence and fluency.
  2. You will learn formal communication skills for an Interview.
  3. You will learn basic etiquettes of any interview.
  4. You will learn all about pre job interview skills, during job interview skills and post job interview skills.

Advance English Speaking Course

  • Basic English Grammar

  • Basic English

  • Communication Skills

  • Basic Interactive Skills

  • Reading Skills

  • Vocabulary
    Synonyms and Antonyms

  • Writing Skills


    Medium Level Grammar

  • Extra Focus on Communication Skills

  • Extra Focus on Interactive Skills

  • Perfect Reading Practice

  • Attractive Self Introduction

  • Medium Level Writing Skills


    Advance Grammar

  • Idioms & Proverbs

  • Loud Reading Practice

  • Fluency in Communication

  • Advance Vocabulary

  • Advance Writing Skills

  • MOCK Interviews Technique

  • Debates

  • Group Discussion

  • Audio – Visual Medium Learning

  • Regular Test Series & Orals


  • Call Center
  • Reception
  • Sales Executive
  • Back Office Executive
  • Personal Assistant
  • Documentation Executive
  • Any Many More


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